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Global Manpower Supply

Global Manpower Supply

Service Detail

From Engineering to Operation, Hexagon E&C can provide each discipline's experts in the entire project life cycle. Our unique service system can fulfill your request with different costs and different timelines by global network and experience. From Korea to every different country, we know how to secure the right workforce

and how to mobilize them on time with taking care of all related process.


Supervisors, Engineers, Technicians, and all related positions including blue color workers (Offshore/Onshore)

Systems Completion 
Consultant, Managers, Coordinators, 
Data Technicians

Consultant, Managers, Discipline Leads/ Superintendents, Senior Technicians, Technicians

Control of work COW
Permit to Work Coordinators, Isolation Authorities

Other Project Services 
 Material Management, Operational Procedures, Startup, Preservation Management, Document Control, Fabrication Site Support and Logistics

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