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Project Support Services

Project Support Services

Service Detail

We understand every projects start and end from country to country.
We have a special project support team which controls over 15K peronal data and over 10 countries entry and regulation protocol.
Each project needs different inspection and qualification. 

We have in-country support management team that make sure all the members of client working in Korea have a smooth and comfortable staying.


Hexagon Project Services is a young and enthusiastic company that provides various services in Energy Industries, especially in Korea.

We are a team of global energy project support experts who have had enough on-hand experience in various types of energy projects.

Our actual project execution and delivery experience help us to understand what clients need when having projects in Korea.

Hexagon Project Services is currently registered as a vendor company of One of the biggest heavy industries in global "Hyundai Heavy Industries" providing various services to Oil and Gas project-related companies from different countries.

HHI's Former OffshorePlant Project Division Vice President Mr.Kim and Oil and Gas Global Technical consulting company's Asia Regional Director Mr.Choi has managed various projects in a wide spectrum of work scope. 

We know how to support you. We believe our success relies on your safe and successful project delivery in Korea and more to Asia.

1)Technical Manpower support : 
Managers, Inspectors, Engineers, Office staffs and more.

2) Local In-country support :
Set up foreign company branch or corporate, Accommodation, Office set up, Visa & Medical support, Taxation and more.

3) International/Domestic procurement and logistics :  
Import/export , Domestic/Internationl tools,equipment,and more.


[procurement and logistics]

We supply various tools, equipment, and spare items accordingly with the client’s required Specification and budget range.

We have good procurement and logistics handling team with years of experience supporting clients and Vendors with various items over thousands of different items with different categories. From small office tools to large bulk chemicals we can support clients efficiently.

Our service including but not limited to

1. Hand tools

2. Safety tools

3. office supplies, PC, Stationary, etc.

4. Spare parts

5. Large equipment

6. Chemical materials

Electrical & Instrument : 

cables, cable gland, junction box, terminal block, switch, detector, manifold, gauget and etc.

Mechanical :

gasket, valve, flange, pipe, pump, hydraulic hose

Test Equipment :  

Torque wrench, Electrical Tester, Flowmeter, Chemical Test kits and etc.

Tools and consumables :  

Spanner, Hammer, Gloves, PPE, Chemical products and etc.

Rigging Materials :  

Wire rope, shackles, lever block, chain block, mooring rope and etc.



Apartment Rental Service

Town-house Rental Service


Long-term and Short term accommodation with Various types.


Fully furnished Accommodation with a wide range of costs and conditions.


Value-added service can be including such as

Apartment maintenance, cleaning, bill management, Regular check-up, etc.


Our team has years of experience dealing with Expat clients providing accommodation rental service. We make sure to provide the most suitable type of Accommodation to the clients.



[Car Rental/Pick up]


Short term/long term Car rental service

Airport Pick up

Commuting Bus with driver service


From small sedan to SUV

We can provide various types of cars for rent.

Short term or long term rental period, we can

Meet client’s request with price and condition.


We can provide airport pick up and greeting

Service if clients need to travel.


With a simple request, we can also arrange the Daily commuting service using a van or large bus Accordingly based on the numbers of passengers.




Visa support

Tax support



We can support the client And the client’s guest to have a proper visa and related Insurance based on the duration of  Staying in Korea or other countries.


We have a local network and connection with each related service company and have a smooth work process system working with them.

We are also possible to support to tax report when clients finish working In Korea and move back to their own country.



[Local Errand]

Every small request to stay in Korea can be dealt with by us.

Our first priority in supporting clients working in Korea is to make sure all of them have smooth and comfortable staying in Korea so they can work well and have a  successful delivery of the project.

From very small work to the complicated issue and other hassles we know how to deal with it.



Office set up, Furniture, office tools, safety tools, spare part support, Mobile phone, and office phone set up

Office admin and staffing  And more. The client asks and we can support almost everything related to working in Korea



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