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Industrial Material Supply

Service Detail


Our Procurement and Logistics services make sure to provide high-quality materials with competitive market prices with extensive knowledge and network of sourcing items locally and internationally.

We supply various tools, equipment, and spare items accordingly to the client’s required Specification and budget range.

We have good procurement and logistics handling team with years of experience supporting clients and Vendors with various items over thousands of different items with different categories. From small office tools to large bulk chemicals we can support clients efficiently.

Our service including but not limited to

1. Electrical Items and tools

2. Safety tools (Life Jacket, Harness, PPE, HardHat, Safety Boots and etc)

3. office supplies, PC, Stationary, Thermal Paper, business supplies etc.

4. Spare parts, Pipe, Valve, Fittings

5. Large equipment 

6. Chemical materials

Electrical & Instrument : 

cables, cable gland, junction box, terminal block, switch, detector, manifold, gadget and etc.

Mechanical :

gasket, valve, flange, pipe, pump, hydraulic hose

Test Equipment :  

Torque wrench, Electrical Tester, Flowmeter, Chemical Test kits and etc.​

Tools and consumables :  

Spanner, Hammer, Gloves, PPE, Chemical products and etc.​

Rigging Materials :  

Wire rope, shackles, lever block, chain block, mooring rope and etc.


HEXAGON's  Major Clients are in 

Oil and Gas Industry / Wind Power Industry/Nuclear Industry/ Sola Power Industry

Or many other energy-related projects

We have various clients including large heavy industries in Korea such as Hyundai Heavy Industries, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samkang MNT, DSME, and more.

* Please let us know if your Item/Tools/Equipment needs to be smoothly distributed to Korea / Asia Regions with a local representative or agency. 

* We Hexagon E&C is more than welcome to discuss and willing to be the sole representative or agency of your procurement items in Korea / Asia Regions.

Valve, Fittings, Pipe, and others.


Cable and Cable Gland

Or other Electrical small parts


Motors and Generators


Life Jacket/Harness


Helmet, Safety Boots 


Small and Large Tools and Equipment


Fuel Oil & Chemical Materials


Office supplies & business Supplies

Thermal Paper.jpg

* Our service can support In & out transportation and customs clearance.

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