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HSE Policy


Hexagon E&C is committed to improving the quality of health, safety, and environmental management in the workplace following the HSE policy for all employees. Hexagon E&C also complies with all applicable laws and governmental rules and places the goal under named  “ECO Hexagon E&C”  for the quality of the environment by preparing a variety of practices of advanced management. We keep implementing our health, safety, and environment promises as bellows:

1. Encourage non-smoking and no alcohol policy

2. Active the company sports clubs to support a friendly match with the customers.

3. Place first aid kit for the emergency incidents.

4. Taking preventive measures health control such as sanitizing the work place during summer season.

5. Holding regular safety training for all employees to reduce the accident rate to achieve continuous safety.

6. pre-safety training of all new employees for safety awareness.

7. Offering safety training proposals for clients.

8. Identifying the causes of accident, reporting injuries and recording near-misses.

9. Informing Hexagon E&C safety policy to subcontractors for safety precautions and regulations.

Hexagon E&C’s HSE policy will not be compromised by other business priorities.
Hexagon E&C will ensure that contingency plans are in place and maintained to deal with emergencies and periodically review the health, safety, and environment management system and practice to ensure their continual improvement.

Hexagon E&C expects all of employees and contractors to strictly comply with this policy at all times.

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